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  • Talking Photo Album used by Claire House Children's Hospice

    Talking Photo Albums by Talking Products Ltd who were kind enough to provide us with one of these albums for free so we could undertake a trial of using it as part of our wider approach to a smooth transition. We believe the benefits of this are many; putting the album together with pictures and recordings of special messages from staff, friends and family should bring a lot of fun over the coming months and then ultimately it is a unique keep-sake for the young person to take forward with them, giving them a visual and audible method of re-calling fond memories.

    Claire House Children’s Hospice provides respite and care to children and young people up to the age of 23, as well as support for the entire family. The hospice currently cares for over 160 families from Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales, West Lancashire and the Isle of Man, both in the hospice building and through the Hospice to Home service, taking the same high level of care out into the local community and the familiar surroundings of the family home.

    In the field of health care, we use the term ‘transition’ to describe the process of planning, developing and moving from children’s health care services into adult health care services. Transition is a measured process of change, the aim of which is to ensure that young people and their families are well prepared and feel ready to make the transfer into adult health care.








    This means that this process of change and movement into adult services has to be skilfully and carefully handled. With this in mind, we have looked for practical ways of creating memories that young people can take away with them, as a reminder of the precious times spent with Claire House.


    LINK: Talking Photo Album


  • Talking Tins being used by RAF Charitable Trust

    The RAF Talking Tins - RAF Charitable Trust.  The Trust have bought Red Talking Tins which have been widely distributed across the RAF, specifically for use with families who have loved ones deployed overseas. Despite all the modern technology (of email and Skype), family member abroad still love to receive real mail! The Talking Tins have added a new dimension to this, allowing children to record messages for Dad or Mum – which are especially important at the Christmas time of year. And they can be use over and over again – often passing backwards and forwards several times.

    ‘A number of schools with high proportions of Service children have begun to incorporate the Talking Tins into the classroom environment, helping develop language skills – both listening and speaking. Teachers in these schools really appreciate the need for children whose parents are away from home to continue to feel that they ‘in contact’ and Talking Tins play an important role in this for many Service personnel.

    ‘Equally, children who are only 2 or 3 years of age when their parents are sent on 6 month deployment can develop significantly in this time, and it can help parents reintegrate into family life.

    LINK: Talking Tins

    LINK: RAF Charitable Trust

    ‘The new Multi-Memo (or Green Talking Tin?) [which was provided as a free trial by Talking Products to a school near RAF Brize Norton] has been especially useful – offering up to 60 different messages or 6 minutes of recording. This will provide great versatility, for children, their parents and their teachers to record a blend of messages, stories and songs! The Green Tin has already been in use with an RAF family and they have sent messages backwards and forwards to Afghanistan twice in the last month – a great success!

    LINK: Multi-Memo



    Talking Photo Albums are now available at The Memory Technology Library. The Library is an initiative which has been set up as a direct result of the Dementia Challenge in a partnership between the Bath Institute of Medical Equipment and Sirona Care & Health.

    The Memory Technology Library is a service that enables people living with memory loss or dementia to find out about and try products that can assist with day to day living.

    Talking Photo Album

    The Talking Photo Album is a reminiscence tool that enables users to hear personal audio recordings that link to each photograph.

    By simply pressing the play button, voices of family members and/or friends remind the user of positive shared experiences.

    "It will enable carers to sit down with residents that might be agitated and transport them back to another time in their lives" Georgina Huntley, Arts Facilitator, Sirona Care and Health.

    Link to Video Clip

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