Memory Books bring joy and happiness to families in isolation

Create a special memory book for your family and friends, and bring your photographs to life by recording speech, music and sound effects on each page.

With many families separated by isolation, you can put a smile on someone’s face with this truly amazing gift.  Include photos of family members, holidays, special events and even your pets!  Hearing a familiar voice carries emotion, music from the past stimulates happy memories and sound effects will inspire feelings of joy.

A personalised Photo Album is both great fun to make and such a wonderful gift to receive.  Children can insert photos and drawings and then record a separate message on each of the 20 pages.  Just imagine Grandma’s face as she presses a button and hears her Grandchild’s voice.  A continuous boost for Grandparents isolated in their homes and not being able to see their loved ones!

Talking Photo Albums reminiscence therapy

In a Care Home environment, a Memory Book can contribute to the life, feelings of security and well-being of residents.  A person’s life story provides a background for conversation between residents, carers and visitors.  A Memory Book can also offer comfort and support when creating an environment to improve the daily life of those living with Dementia.

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Written by:

Brian Stickley

MD - Talking Products Ltd


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