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Motion Sensor

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Talking Motion Sensors. Download your own speech, music or sound effects. Our Motion Sensors have a unique MP3 file download feature. Use the built-in Micro USB Socket to transfer MP3 sound files directly onto the internal memory. Your MP3 file will playback automatically after the sensor has been activated.

Create an audible warning for a restricted area. Audible reminders or procedures to assist people with Dementia. Audible security alarms. Create a special door entrance greeting. Raise attention and create impact by adding a speech, music or sound effects to a point of sale display.

  • Upload an MP3 sound file with speech, music or any sound effect
  • Update and change your message as many times as you wish
  • Automatic audio playback after the sensor has been activated
  • High quality MP3 sound output
  • One single MP3 file playback only, not multiple looped tracks
  • Wall mounting hole on rear side
  • Alternative playback methods available, including Light Sensor, Coin Slot or Push Button, (bought separately)
  • Mini USB Cable included
  • Power Source: Requires 3 x AA Batteries, (not included)
  • Mini USB Socket for direct downloading of MP3 files from your Computer
  • Audio playback format: MP3 format only
  • Sensor activation distance: Up to 1.5 metres
  • Size: 90 x 60 x 25mm
  • Internal Memory: 16Mb, (Approx. 2MB)
  • Recording time: 2 minutes, (calculated at 128Kbps MONO bitrate)
  • Note: Recording time can be doubled to 4 minutes by changing the MP3 file sample bitrate to 64kbps. (See notes below)
  • Battery Life: 70 hours, i.e. 4,200 minutes, (252,000 seconds)
  • Number of playbacks: Based on the battery life calculations above, (using 3xAA 2,850mAh Batteries), a 10 second message will playback 25,200 times.

  • Standard Motion Sensor User Guide User Guide

    This Motion Sensor will only play one single MP3 file, NOT multiple tracks.

    Playback calculations based on the 16Mbits of memory
    A playback time of 4 minutes can be achieved with an MP3 file that has a Bitrate value of 64Kbps.
    A playback time of 2 minutes can be achieved with an MP3 file that has a Bitrate value of 128Kbps.
    A playback time of 1 minutes can be achieved with an MP3 file that has a Bitrate value of 256Kbps.