Large Push Button Switch

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Large Red Push Button, 12.5mm
Can be used with our Talking Cubes Can be used with our MP3 Sound Chip Modules Use for Point of Sale displays


Large Push Button Switch. This item is an accessory for use with our MP3 Sound Boxes and Talking Cubes. When the button is pressed, the sound module will play your recorded message, music or sound effect.

Cable Length: 100mm
Centre Colour: Red
Diameter of Red Centre: 12.5mm
Diameter of Black Flange: 19mm
Diameter of hole needed for the Button Housing: Approx 15mm

NOTES: The cable includes a 2 pin plug that will connect into the socket on our MP3 Sound Boxes and Talking Cubes. There is a threaded Hex Nut on the rear to secure the Button into a 15mm hole on your display.