MP3 Sound Chip Module 4MB

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Sound Chip Module with 4MB memory - Plays MP3 files
MP3 Sound Chips with 4MB memory MP3 Sound Chip Module features MP3 Sound Chip Module connected to a Large Red Push Button MP3 Sound Chip Module connected to a Light Sensor USB Cable required for MP3 file transfers


MP3 Sound Chip Module. Create your own talking gifts, crafts and models by downloading a voice message, music or sound effects. This unique sound chip allows you to playback single or multiple MP3 sound files. You also have the option to add a larger push button or a light sensor to activate your sounds. This makes a perfect module for creating promotional products and point of sale displays to enhance a special marketing campaign.


  • Download your own speech, music or sound effects in MP3 audio file format
  • Playback one single file or multiple files in sequence or random
  • Alternative playback methods available, including a Light Sensor and Large Push Button
  • Download, delete and renew your files as many times as you wish
  • An ideal module for creating your own talking gifts, crafts and models
  • Perfect for producing promotional products and point of sale displays
  • Very easy to use and full instructions included
  • USB socket for file transfer from a computer, (compatible with PC or Mac)
  • Battery Box, requires 3 x AAA batteries, (not included)
  • Supplied on a self-adhesive label for easy application


  • Built-in flash memory: 4MB (4 Mega Bytes)
  • Recommended MP3 file format: 128kbps, 44.1kHz, 16 Bit, MONO
  • MP3 files with the above specification will provide approx 4 minutes of playback time
  • Battery life: 40 hours, based on using 3 x AAA batteries that are 2500mAh rating
  • Battery life example: One single 10 second sound file will playback 14,400 times
  • Printed Circuit Board, (PCB) size: 30x20x5mm
  • Battery Box size: 35x63x15mm
  • Speaker size: 40mm Diameter
  • Speaker rating: 8 Ohm, 0.5W
  • Working current: 40mA
  • Battery Power: 4.5 Volts
  • USB socket type: Micro-B
  • Please view all images for your reference


  • You can increase the length of playback time by changing the sample rate of your MP3 files to make them smaller. For example, you can convert the file from Stereo to Mono or change the sample rate to 64kbps which will half the size of your file and you will achieve approx 8 minutes of playback. Please contact us if you require assistance with your MP3 file modifications.

  • This module does NOT have a Microphone, so it is not possible to record a voice message directly into the chip. You must use the USB socket to download your own MP3 files from your computer. Please contact us if you require assistance with how to create custom or personalised MP3 files.

  • The modules will not play sound files that have been converted into MP3 format using Apple iTunes. We have not been able to work out why, but we continue to investigate. So we recommend basic sound file conversion software programs such as Converterlite or similar. You can download the latest FREE version of Converterlite from

  • PLEASE NOTE: The required USB cable is not included in the pack, but can be bought separately. It is a standard cable, Micro-B USB Plug to Type-A Plug, commonly used with many household USB devices. It is highly likely that you will already have one, but if you don’t then please remember to add a cable to your shopping basket BEFORE you checkout.

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