About Us

Talking Products Ltd was established in 2002 and is part of the BRS Group, which consists of three small companies. Joining Talking Products Ltd in the group are REXCOM Europe Ltd and Talking Promotions Ltd. With input from all three companies, the BRS Group is able to design, manufacture and distribute a wide range of products to a number of different markets worldwide.

Our customers range from individuals wishing to record and send a personal message in a greetings card through to companies planning large marketing campaigns. We have designed products for people with a visual impairment and we also have a large number of schools that use our product range as classroom learning resources.

The majority of our products are designed in-house here in the UK. The BRS Group has access to manufacturing facilities in the Far East. Our low-cost manufacturing facility gives us the ability to produce top quality products, cost effectively, and enables us to remain competitive within our market place.

Our Talking Labels have taken our technology to a whole new level. People with a visual impairment and Non-English speaking members of the community will find our Talking Labels invaluable for everyday life.  Our famous Talking Tins have proved to help children develop important speaking and listening skills.

Established logistics and proven distribution channels complete the BRS Group profile. We are a proactive company with a keen focus on new product design, growing with strength based on effective planning, skilled personnel and a sound business strategy.

Company Registration No. (in England): 4599204

VAT No: GB 807 7005 43