Talking Photo Albums are now available at The Memory Technology Library. The Library is an initiative which has been set up as a direct result of the Dementia Challenge in a partnership between the Bath Institute of Medical Equipment and Sirona Care & Health.

The Memory Technology Library is a service that enables people living with memory loss or dementia to find out about and try products that can assist with day to day living.

Talking Photo Album

The Talking Photo Album is a reminiscence tool that enables users to hear personal audio recordings that link to each photograph.

By simply pressing the play button, voices of family members and/or friends remind the user of positive shared experiences.

"It will enable carers to sit down with residents that might be agitated and transport them back to another time in their lives" Georgina Huntley, Arts Facilitator, Sirona Care and Health.

LINK: YouTube Video Clip

LINK: To purchase Talking Photo Albums