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Sanitiser Sentinel - Multilingual PIR Motion Sensor

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SANITISER SENTINEL Multilingual PIR Motion Sensor

Sanitiser Sentinel has been designed to attract and encourage people to use hand sanitiser stations and soap dispensers.

Sanitiser Sentinel supports Infection Control by using a PIR sensor to detect people passing a sanitiser station. When the sensor is activated a voice message is played and LED lights will flash to highlight the dispenser. 20 pre-recorded language options are available.

Sanitiser Sentinel is a stand-alone unit that can be easily placed above or close to any hand sanitiser or soap dispenser. An audible reminder to wash or sanitise hands will reinforce Infection Prevention and Control protocols in any environment, without the need for staff to be present. Sanitiser Sentinel will help you to reinforce hand hygiene and safeguard your patients, staff and customers against Coronavirus and other viral or bacterial infections.

Create interactive Talking Signs that use visual information and sound to deliver your message more effectively. Raise attention in critical areas and remind people of important Infection Control procedures for hand hygiene. Overcome sign blindness with this unique concept. Talking Signs are proven to be more effective than conventional signs that just use visual information.

Produce Talking Posters for your workplace, including Hospitals, Care Homes, Schools, Colleges, Universities, factories, shops and public reception areas. A unique solution to prevent the spread of infection and supports compliance behaviour for hand hygiene health and safety procedures.


  • Automatic audio playback after the PIR sensor has been activated
  • Pre-recorded messages and 20 language options included, (see list below)
  • Download your own custom MP3 voice messages, sound effects or alerts
  • Update and change your voice messages as many times as you wish
  • High quality sound output with volume control
  • Select and adjust detection and isolation zones
  • Flashing LED lights to attract attention
  • Turn sound or lights off to suit environment
  • Compliments any existing brand of sanitiser or soap dispenser
  • Battery powered with long life and no wiring required
  • No special tools needed for installation
  • Mounting holes and 3M self-adhesive pad included for walls and free standing units

  • Power Supply: Requires 4x C type batteries, (LR14), (bought separately)
  • Pre-recorded Messages: 20 language options and 3 alert tones, (see list below)
  • Micro SD card slot: To store and play custom MP3 sound files, (SD Card bought separately)
  • Audio playback format: MP3 files only
  • Sensor activation distance: Up to 4 metres with a 120 Deg Angle
  • PIR Sensor: Effective in all light conditions, including complete darkness
  • IRIS Accessory: Provides adjustable detection and isolation zones
  • Attention Modes: i) Sound only, ii) Lights only or iii) Sound and Light together
  • Volume Control: Slide Switch
  • Size: 140(H) x 95(W) x 55(D) millimetres
  • Battery Life: 5 years for average use or 200,000 operations. This can be extended to 400,000 operations in ‘Sound’ or ‘Light’ only modes. We always recommend that you use high quality branded alkaline batteries. Rechargeable batteries can also be used

  • Sanitiser Sentinel Data Sheet Data Sheet

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    What does Sanitiser Sentinel do?

    Answer: Sanitiser Sentinel is an automated spoken and visual reminder to sanitise or wash hands. It is completely autonomous and so saves valuable staff time and costs.

    How does Sanitiser Sentinel work?

    Answer: Sanitiser Sentinel uses infrared signals to detect approaching people. When in range the Sentinel plays a pre-selected or custom recorded message and illuminates the sanitiser or soap dispenser located beneath it to attract attention.

    What does PIR stand for?

    Answer: PIR stands for Passive Infrared. A PIR Sensor is an electronic sensor that measures infrared light radiating from objects in its field of view. All objects with a temperature above zero emit heat energy in the form of radiation. Usually this radiation is invisible to the human eye because it radiates at infrared wavelengths, but it can be detected by PIR Sensors. PIR sensors don't detect or measure heat, but instead they detect the Infrared radiation emitted from an object. A PIR-based motion detector is used to sense movement of people, animals, or other objects. They are more commonly used in burglar alarms and automatically activated lighting systems.

    What is the IRIS Accessory?

    Answer: The IRIS is a unique, patented accessory that is supplied with each Sanitiser Sentinel. It has been designed to allow fully selectable detection and isolation zones and areas. The multi-rotational design gives an infinite number of ways to customise how Sanitiser Sentinel detects or isolates, giving the optimal operational performance in any installation. If required, the IRIS is simply applied by peeling off its self-adhesive backing tape and pressing into position over the PIR lens.

    Can the Sanitiser Sentinel be used with any hand sanitiser dispenser?

    Answer: Yes, Sanitiser Sentinel can be used to enhance the effectiveness of all hand sanitiser facilities, from sophisticated fully automatic dispensers, dedicated hand sanitiser stands to a simple bottle of sanitiser on a countertop. It supports all Infection Prevention and Control protocols.

    Where can the Sanitiser Sentinel be used?

    Answer: The Sanitiser Sentinel can be used in medical, dental and veterinary facilities, care homes, retail stores, shopping malls, warehouse and distribution centres, coffee shops, pubs, restaurants, hotels, theme parks, factories, offices, museums, airports, bus and train stations, public toilets and washrooms, it can also be used in private households. The Sanitiser Sentinel would be a valuable asset to help safeguard customers, patients and staff against bacterial and viral infections.

    How far away will Sanitiser Sentinel detect a person?

    Answer: Up to a distance of 8 metres.

    How many pre-recorded messages are there inside the Sanitiser Sentinel?

    Answer: 26 pre-recorded messages, including 20 different languages and 3 tones, which are all easily selectable. Please see the complete list below.

    Can Sanitiser Sentinel playback custom voice messages?

    Answer: Yes, simply record your own voice message using a Smartphone or Computer and then save the MP3 sound file to a Micro-SD card, (bought separately). Insert the SD Card into the slot on the rear of the Sanitiser Sentinel and select EXT on the switch.

    How long does Sanitiser Sentinel take to install?

    Answer: A matter of seconds using the supplied 3M self-adhesive pad. Screws are also included which is the recommended method.

    What type of batteries does Sanitiser Sentinel use?

    Answer: Each unit requires 4x C type batteries which are common and available from any supermarket. C type batteries are also known as LR14 cells. You can also use rechargeable batteries if you prefer.

    How long do the batteries last in a Sanitiser Sentinel?

    Answer: 200,000 operations with both voice and light illumination mode. For the average installation this is the equivalent of over 5 years. For voice only operation it is 400,000 operations or 10 years and the same for the light illumination only.

    Can I adjust the volume of the speaker on Sanitiser Sentinel?

    Answer: Yes, there is a simple slide switch for volume control which is located on the rear side.

    How long is the warranty for Sanitiser Sentinel?

    Answer: 5 years, this covers any type of failure except physical damage to the unit itself.

    How long does Sanitiser Sentinel take to pay for itself?

    Answer: A matter of hours! There is no need for a member of the Infection Control staff to be present to encourage customers or patients to sanitise their hands, so the labour cost and cost to company is removed.

    Where can I buy Sanitiser Sentinel?

    Answer: Sanitiser Sentinel is available to buy directly from this web page. Units can also be purchased from Amazon websites in many different countries.

    How many languages can Sanitiser Sentinel speak?

    Answer: 20 different languages covering most areas of the world, but more can be added using the Micro-SD card feature. Please see list below.

    Sanitiser Sentinel includes 26 pre-recorded messages as listed below.

    01. English, (English accent): “Please sanitise your hands”
    02. English, (English accent): “Please wash your hands”
    03. BEEP Tone 1, (Alert Sound)
    04. Spanish
    05. German
    06. French
    07. Portuguese
    08. Italian
    09. Polish
    10. Dutch
    11. Czech
    12. Hungarian
    13. Slovak
    14. Hindi
    15. Japanese
    16. English, (USA accent): “Please sanitise your hands”
    17. English, (USA accent): “Please wash your hands”
    18. Chinese
    19. Korean
    20. Vietnamese
    21. Arabic
    22. Russian
    23. Hebrew
    24. Greek
    25. BEEP Tone 2, (Alert Sound)
    26. BEEP Tone 3, (Alert Sound)

    Sanitiser Sentinel Product IP Protection and Copyright:

    Please review the following Patent Numbers
    UK 6088585
    UK 2100137.5
    UK 6113640
    UK 6113641
    EU 008021893-0001
    USA 29/746,416
    China 2020305768485
    Sanitiser Sentinel is a registered Trademark in the UK, EU, USA and China
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    Sanitiser Sentinel - Multilingual PIR Motion Sensor