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Talking Products Activity Book

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Talking Products Activity Book - Volume 1 - “Practical Speaking & Listening Activities”
Written by: Lyn Johnson & Elizabeth Mynott - Educational Development Service Advisors

Activities are compatible with Talking Tins, Talking Tiles, Voice Pads, Multi-Memo and Micro-Speak.

One of the most creative outcomes of using a recording device is the instantaneous and spontaneous way it can facilitate thinking. Instead of time being wasted agonising about what to write, the spoken word can be captured quickly and reviewed through listening, rather than reading.

For young children, those for whom English is an additional language, and those struggling to become independent readers, this is especially useful. Older pupils can really be challenged by the demands of focused listening and the opportunity to compare their responses with others. The ideas in this book are designed to be fun, flexible and thought provoking. They are quick and easy to use and require the minimum of preparation. Regular opportunities for speaking and listening will quickly impact on the oral fluency and confidence of pupils.

The activities have been designed to stimulate thinking and writing in all areas of the curriculum. They are structured in simple steps, which will enable progression and challenge and they can easily be adapted.

Our voice recorders enable quick recording of pupils’ ideas to be done in a very simple way. Very young children can use it and it will facilitate some challenging thinking by older pupils.

Once you start using a recording device you will soon develop more ideas to support speaking and listening. Let the pupils experiment and enjoy the pleasure of hearing themselves speak. It will really make a difference to the development of language skills in them all.