Emergencies and injuries can occur at any time – are you prepared? The Talking First Aid Kit is now available in the UK for the first time ever through a partnership with Talking Products and Intelligent First Aid. This handheld first aid device provides step-by-step audible guidance to save lives with the touch of a button.

In 95% of all emergencies, untrained bystanders are the first people to provide first aid before professional help arrives. The Talking First Aid Kit empowers everyone to make smart, timely, life-saving decisions with step-by-step audio instructions and expert resources.
Talking First Aid Kit - First Response
Multi-Sensory Instructions
Assessing injuries and providing first aid requires fast thinking and a calm state of mind. The Talking First Aid Kit™ combines step-by-step audio guidance with color-coded written instructions and easy-to-follow illustrations. Play first aid instructions with the touch of a button and open the correct manual page by simply flipping to the matching colour tab.

As soon as the first aid procedure button is pressed, a calm, clear voice instantly starts providing instructions. The knowledgeable voice plays loudly through the built-in speaker, so it’s easy to hear, even during a loud emergency. Dave Hammond, a combat medic for the US Marines, first conceptualized the system 35 years ago while providing lifesaving care to his military comrades on the battlefield.

Now, the concept has been perfected for families and communities across the UK. The Talking First Aid Kit provides comprehensive, step-by-step first aid support in a multi-sensory system that everyone can easily understand.
Talking First Aid Kit - Audio Guidance
Real-Time First Aid Knowledge
According to a recent survey, only 5% of adults feel confident and knowledgeable to provide basic first aid. Even after completing a first aid training course, the average length of retention is only 3-4 weeks.

The Talking First Aid Kit delivers instant knowledge by literally talking an untrained first responder through the process until paramedics arrive to provide professional help. In addition to first checks, the audio guide and printed manual provide clear instructions to stabilize and treat the patient with six of the most common life-threatening situations:
  • CPR for adults
  • CPR for children
  • Burns
  • Bleeding
  • Shock
  • Choking
  • Talking First Aid Kit - Intelligent First Aid

    Always Prepared
    The Talking First Aid Kit™ is an essential addition to first aid supplies, and it’s easy to store at home, in your car, at the office, or in public spaces. This talking device fits in the palm of your hand and is ready to use in case of emergency. Use the hanging hook on the back to display it prominently for convenient and visible access.

    Talking First Aid Kit - Audible Instructions

    Available Now
    The Talking First Aid Kit is now available through Talking Products Ltd in partnership with Intelligent First Aid. Due to overwhelming response, supplies are limited. Your purchase is backed by an industry-leading, unconditional 30-day money back guarantee, and this revolutionary product is only available directly through Talking Products Ltd – it is not available on the high street. Purchase the Talking First Aid Kit in a first aid bundle with supplies or order the audio device and visual guide separately to upgrade your current first aid kit.

    Now you can equip your family, workplace, and community with essential knowledge to stay calm, focused, and confident in case of emergency. The Talking First Aid Kit delivers instant support with step-by-step audio instructions that give everyone a fighting chance.

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    The procedures and protocols in this product are compliant with the Resuscitation Council (UK) guidelines 2021, i.e. the same guidelines that are followed by the St. Johns Ambulance, British Red Cross and the HSE.

    Project Consultant: Ben Carter, Chief Instructor at First Aid Hampshire.
    First Aid Hampshire

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